8-Dimensional Brain in Action

Are you leveraging your Whole Brain?

A rare opportunity to learn from the inventor of 8-dimensional Whole Brain Theory and Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI instruments)

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30 June


5PM IST - 6 PM IST ( 7:30 AM EST - 8:30 AM EST)

Listen in to Dr. Kobus Neethling talking about various applications of NBI

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Some Facts About Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI)

  • NBI was invented by Dr. Kobus Neethling under the guidance of Prof. Paul Torrance; one of the fathers of creativity and known as “Mr. Creativity” of the 20th Century.
  • Forbes Coaches Council has included NBI Assessment as one of the 11 Assessments that every Executive should take. Read more
  • Preferred assessment tool of Columbia University, NYC for their coaching and Organization development program.
  • Companies that have leveraged the power of NBI: Levi Strauss, Deloitte, Shell, Standard Bank, Dassault Systemes, Publicis Sapient, Hero MotoCorp
  • Suitable for Executive coaches, HR leaders, L&D leaders, OD consultants/Trainers, Recruiters, Sports Coaches, Professors, and Teachers

What will you learn in the masterclass

A rare opportunity to learn from the inventor of 8 dimensional Whole Brain theory and Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI instruments).

  • Dr. Kobus Neethling will share his lifetime and recent experiences on how leaders, professionals and world class sportsmen leverage “Whole Brain” to peak perform, make accurate choices, Strategize and communicate with stakeholders.
  • Dr. Kobus will also discuss the Whole Brain in action and the environments in which you will be able to apply the Neethling Brain instruments
  • Dr. Deep Bali will share case studies and use cases of leveraging Whole Brain in organizations and teams for leadership, sales, communication and business strategy
  • Dr. Kobus will share how to develop powerful skills to navigate your Whole Brain for taking your  organization and business to the next level.


Dr. Kobus Neethling

Dr. Kobus Neethling is an award-winning and internationally renowned leader in the fields of Whole Brain thinking and creative behaviour. With well over 80 books, 9 television series and 6 degrees as part of his track record, Dr Neethling has become the go-to-expert for companies, educators, leaders and individuals for guidance on how to maximise potential through the optimisation of the entire brain.

He is the founder and president of the South African Creativity Foundation and has received numerous international accolades for his work and contributions in creative behaviour and cognitive power. The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) is his brainchild, enabling highly accurate brain profiling, which forms the basis for training in Whole Brain and creative thinking training.

Dr. Deep Bali

Deep is a “Growth & Renewal” expert with an exclusive track record of building remarkable leaders who have pivoted their organizations through inner mastery and external impact. Deep is a Columbia university credentialed coach and a Whole Brain leadership evangelist. Deep takes delight in partnering with men and women leaders looking at success as finding a full expression of who they are and their potential. Through his insights from coaching and mentoring founder CEO’s and senior executives of fortune 500 companies across many countries, Deep brings well-rounded philosophies and mastery in unscripted approach.


From Leaders to Coaches, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Consultants

“It was a great learning. Thank you for this session on Whole Brain Thinking, I feel more empowered to influence and land with impact in my conversations with key stakeholders”

– Vice President, Largest 3D experience company

“The idea of our thinking preferences shifting under pressure was a new insight for me as well, and I’ve been using the instrument for over 14 years in The Columbia Coaching Program!”

– Director, Columbia Coaching Learning Association

“I really enjoyed reconnecting with my NBI profile, becoming aware of how it is shifting under stress, and reflecting what other thinking styles I need to increase so as to be more effective right now. Thanks Deep Bali for a wonderful session!!!”

– Columbia university certified coach

“I know I have been missing something and today I figured what it is. I know how to leverage the Whole Brain thinking for leadership, relationships and business strategy. I would consciously push and be in that space”

– L&D Leader, Infrastructure MNC

“Thank you Deep and Puja for this great session on “Whole Brain”. Interesting conversations and insights throughout the session. Hope to put these learnings into action.”

– Director, Dassault Systems

“Great debate about business leaders using the Whole Brain and how Coaches can help them to do that to make better decisions in the Covid 19 environment.”

– Executive Coach

“The training to become a practitioner was enlightening and refreshing. It gives me a platform to engage with my suppliers, staff, stakeholders, family and friends on a whole new level.  The online course content is very structured, logical and entertaining, it does make use of all the senses.

Having been exposed to and applying the techniques in our business over many years as a sales driven organisation that is based on a strong relationship model through every touch point in the hierarchy of business partners.  Incorporating the brain profile techniques as one driving pillar (Relationship) of our five-pillar model   gave us an edge as we tailor made every interaction in the preference or thinking style of our audience. We learned to make our audience the hero. Resulting in becoming the leader in our Industry.

As a leader I learned to understand my team’s preference and I harness the strength of the varied styles to stimulate the individual’s creativity but also to ensure that the sum of the parts in styles gives us a competitive advantage.

Covid lockdown and virtual engagements augurs well in understanding preferences so engagements are tailor made to appeal to the language of the listener and I have inculcated this approach in our virtual calling program. Have presence without being present.”

Executive Head: Sales, MFC a Division of Nedbank

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to learn from the inventor of 8 dimensional Whole Brain theory and Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI instruments)

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