6 Feb 2020

License to Coach: Are coaches getting away with mediocrity ?

It has taken me 15 years of coaching practice to realize and acknowledge the true power and potential of coaching. My insights and wisdom are informed from close to 10000 hrs. of 1-0-1 coaching for high potential senior and middle managers across geographies from MNC’s and large national corporations to CEO’s of start-ups and small/medium...
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12 Dec 2019

Christmas Came Early

Stay Connected ! Facebook Twitter Linkedin It has been a fulfilling year for us at Recalibrate. We have been sleeping a lot less, drinking filter coffee a little more and most importantly, we have been coaching leaders to lead leveraging “Whole brain”. In the past 9 months, we successfully coached 4 leadership groups on their...
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18 Sep 2019

The grand secret is : “The non-creative behavior is learned”

 Creativity: Some myths and misconceptions Creativity is something which only some very special people have – It’s that unique talent and gift that set them apart and above from everyone else One is born creative or not Creativity is about artistic expression Creativity is divinely inspired and unpredictable Creativity is a systematic process and a...
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17 Sep 2019

The curious case of Creativity, Imagination & Innovation

If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative The world we live in is born out of our ideas, beliefs, and imagination. While mother nature had a big role to play, the human mind created and nurtured today’s world as well. The most important gadget of a human...
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16 Sep 2019

Creating Beyonder outcomes through Whole-Brain teams

C-suite leaders adopting a whole-brain approach see a positive bottom-line impact and realize on average 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth Striking balance with Whole Brain leadership, Accenture research June 2019 Dr. Deep Bali along with Puja Puja did a 2-hr intense group coaching session for 8 leaders from the global business...
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26 Aug 2019

Whole Brain Thinking : The foundation of developing a CREATIVE LEADER

Extensive research from IBM boldly claims “Embody Creative Leadership” The research clearly states that new age leaders and CEOs are realizing how creativity trumps other leadership traits. The World Economic Forum’s 2018 future of jobs report, predicts creativity, innovation, and ideation will be key skills for the workforce of 2022.            ...
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8 Jul 2019

Real Story: Segue to the “Beyonder” zone by leveraging “Whole Brain”

C-suite leaders adopting a whole-brain approach see a positive bottom-line impact and realize on average 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth. – Whole-Brain Leadership: New Rules of Engagement 2019 research study, Accenture This is what is likely to happen with 14 senior sales leaders we worked with (who have complex business problems...
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31 May 2019

Creating Beyonder Organizations

Part 2 of the fireside chat with Dr. Kobus Neethling, Dr. Rache Rutherford and Dr. Deep Bali on creating “BEYONDER” Organisations There is no doubt that organisations cant pivot while the leadership is staying in the ordinary zone. This requires that its leaders leverage the technique of “Whole Brain” thinking for creativity, engagement, strategy and...
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14 Jan 2019

Whole Brain Thinking – Breakthrough in Attracting Clients, Influencing Stakeholders and Moving Beyond Limitations

The ‘Whole Brain’ Thinking Explained: A fireside chat with Dr. Kobus Neethling, Dr. Rache Rutherford, and Dr. Deep Bali – Part I Over two decades ago, world-renowned ‘Whole Brain’ expert Dr. Kobus Neethling began studying styles of thinking when he developed instruments that could map someone’s entire brain. That was a stunning breakthrough – the...
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