Innovation lab

Snippets from extensive research done by Recalibrate in 2017 on India Innovation Climate 

  • Where do companies source/find innovative ideas from?
  • Are these “Big Ideas” or are they incremental “little ideas”?
  • Do their customers and competitors play a role in determining what ideas they work on?
  • What are the sources of internally sourced ideas?
  • What tooling and frameworks are used for ideation?
  • How does an organization select ideas for incubation?
  • Why it’s important to measure the efforts of innovation?

India Innovation Climate Study 2017 : Find the entire research here 

Our Approach

As Growth Alchemists, we at Recalibrate are laser-focused on devising innovative ways and means to rapidly propel our client’s business growth. Our approach to innovation is to help instill within our clients an innovator mindset (Genius©: Our proprietary framework for developing an innovator mindset, innovative praxis and nurturing spaces to innovate.

Our 3 pronged framework to build an innovation engine in our innovation lab :

  • Foundational work : Assessments and challenge statement
  • Building blocks : Experiential Innovation Lab (on the real business challenge) : Concepts, working sessions and experimentation
  • Momentum : Coaching/Mentoring (Group and individual all through the journey specifically around mindsets and praxis)

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Case Study : World’s largest automobile manufacturer

Our client is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer in its category. The organisation has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years by introducing new & innovative practices across functional & business lines. The R&D function has been able to churn out some remarkable innovations in products & processes in collaboration with global IVY League business schools and is currently working on a few breakthrough projects.

The top leadership team believes that in order to sustain their strong market share and grow exponentially, the organisation should focus on building further its innovation capability & capacity and incubate 2 identified challenges which are believed to disrupt the industry and set new benchmarks for the organization……

Read the full case study here

Why Recalibrate?

Building a successful innovation engine requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-mastery, multi-faceted approach. Recalibrate’s Growth Alchemists work as a tightly integrated, well-coordinated team. We bring real-world global innovation experience, cutting-edge tooling/techniques, neuroscience frameworks and technical prowess to bear on today’s innovation challenges.  No other organization brings together such a potent mix of experience, expertise and excellence to the table.

Building a scalable innovation engine that integrates critical modalities with ground-breaking research and industry-leading best practices is our core strength. Our Innovation Mentoring combines best-in-class conceptual approaches with real-world business experience to create innovation-led transformational change within those organizations that retain us as mentors.