Do executive coaches you engage get you the expected ROI?

Executive Coaches ROI
20 Jul 2017

Do executive coaches you engage get you the expected ROI?

Recalibrate holds the credible distinction of being the only “Coaching & Consulting” organization in India which follows the Global Columbia Coaching Methodology. Our Columbia University certified coaches have strengthened the capability of C-suite executives in Fortune 500 organizations.

We follow Columbia’s cutting edge-latest adult learning methodologies for “GROWTH & RENEWAL” based on techniques which are:

  • Experiential
  • Experimental
  • Actionable
  • Reflective
  • Observational

Why Columbia Certified Coaches

Our coaches are grounded through a truly global program at Columbia University (CCCP), one of the most coveted & aspirational programs.

The Columbia Coaching Program counts for most PhD programs.

We use one of the most validated ROI framework for coaching.

The underpinning of our coaches is in practical applications of neuroscience, whole brain thinking, emotional intelligence, business strategy, advanced communication and positive psychology, to work with leaders and their teams with a provocative reflection-in-action and a growth and renewal approach.

Our Coaches Have Mastery In:

  • Performance Coaching
  • Evidence – based Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Ontological Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching

Recalibrate’s Stamp of Excellence

Research based rich real time learning in the coaching space to support leaders battling it out in the VUCA world.

Our coaches bring valuable insights through Frameworks & Techniques that:-

  • Provide Strategic Thought Leadership
  • Propel leaders to consider potential benefits and costs of options before taking action
  • Stimulate clients to integrate insights and define focus
  • Reaffirms client’s agenda (align goals with personal values & organizational priorities)
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