Creating Beyonder outcomes through Whole-Brain teams

16 Sep 2019

Creating Beyonder outcomes through Whole-Brain teams

C-suite leaders adopting a whole-brain approach see a positive bottom-line impact and realize on average 22% higher revenue growth and 34% higher profitability growth

Striking balance with Whole Brain leadership, Accenture research June 2019

Dr. Deep Bali along with Puja Puja did a 2-hr intense group coaching session for 8 leaders from the global business and transformation office(APAC) of one of the leading global organization which stands foremost in leading edge innovation for medical devices and enables close to 30million people year on year to have extended lives.


The 8 leaders took their Neethling Brain Instrument : NBI (Whole Brain) assessment and learned how they could optimize their dominant thinking preferences and consciously stretch other less preferred brain quadrants for current challenges and creating significant outcomes in the future.

Key insights for individuals:

Why is it a critical essential to have deep understanding of thinking preferences of self and others.

How to create a vibrant and engaging hour to hour, day to day work environment – by ensuring that individual team members mostly do tasks and activities which are aligned to their respective dominant thinking preference. 

Conscious awareness of day to day activities which do not relate to the dominant brain preference and consequences thereof.

Learning creative activities to hone skills in less preferred brain quadrants, thereby become significantly more creative in all quadrants of the brain.

Understanding their respective brain preferences made them highly aware of what gives them energy and what takes away energy from them.

Consciously being able to extend and contract quadrants of the brain as per the context and setting rather than responding to situations through traditional preferred thinking. Example: We communicate with others using the language of our dominant thinking preference, therefore, use up most of our time and energy in elongated conversations which yield little or no result and create a low level of engagement.

With the whole-brain approach, we speak from the other person’s thinking preference making communication impactful and inspiring. 


Acknowledging and acting as though brain is an instrument and not merely a resource.





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Dr. Deep Bali, CEO & Managing Partner, Recalibrate Pvt. Ltd.  

Deep is a Columbia University Global Leadership Coach, and is acknowledged by business leaders and CEOs across geographies for his super ability to enable leaders, teams and businesses to “Pivot”.

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