12 Dec 2019

Christmas Came Early

Deep Bali

Deep Bali

Dr. Deep Bali is a Columbia university executive coach, a ‘Whole brain leadership’ evangelist and expert in creating “Beyond ordinary” professionals, teams and organizations.

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Christmas Came Early

It has been a fulfilling year for us at Recalibrate. We have been sleeping a lot less, drinking filter coffee a little more and most importantly, we have been coaching leaders to lead leveraging “Whole brain”. In the past 9 months, we successfully coached 4 leadership groups on their “Whole Brain” leadership journey informed from ‘Brain science’. And just this last week, we kicked off our 5th group on their 10-week journey. Christmas came early to us for sure! 

Over the years facilitating tons of leadership journeys for diverse cultures I have now learned to chunk these 8 hr workshop days into short laser focused 180 minutes learning cum working labs, anchored by outcome based individual coaching journey. These “Whole Brain” learning labs are not a 180 minute lecture, they are group coaching sessions which include – Unpacking the Brain of participants to give them a solid sense of “What is” and “ What could be” if they were to consciously redesign their future brain profile or thinking preferences to create significantly superior results and experience for themselves and their key stakeholders.

"Unpacking the Brain of participants gives them a solid sense of “What is” and “ What could be”

The most significant learning came through doctored role plays which by design gave all participants the experience of leading and communicating from all the four quadrants of the brain. The role plays/ simulations were informed from real work context.

“Another significant breakthrough for the participants was to learn to navigate between all the quadrants of the brain in sync with a context or setting. Leaders learned to move away from responding to the environment through traditional or default thinking”.

The theme of the 2nd laser focused learning lab was to learn about an entrepreneurs DNA. The participants’ response to a self-assessment questionnaire provided information about their entrepreneurial potential in the workplace. The entrepreneurial potential model is informed from the Entrecode™ model of successful entrepreneurs who have created high value businesses almost from scratch.

The four areas which underpin an entrepreneurial mindset and correlate to the four “Brain quadrants” are-

  1. Getting into the zone (L1)- The optimal state of mind to create success (Above the line)
  2. Seeing possibilities (R1)-Unique ways in which entrepreneurs view and interpret the world
  3. Creating superior opportunities (R2)– Finding the essence of client problems that need to be solved and leveraging solutions to transform business results
  4. Staying in the zone (L2)Prioritising, sequencing and focusing energy on a very specific target

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