Are you a resource or instrument
9 Aug 2017

Are you a Resource or an Instrument?

Your curiosity is perhaps piqued by the above question. Ever tried asking yourself the following double barrelled questions:

“Why are you doing what you are doing?

“For whom are you doing what you are doing”?

I am compelled to ask these questions to most of the transformational coaching clients I closely work with, and the responses are either extraordinary or so passé that you wonder if people even know what their true worth is and what they are really capable of creating. The irony is that majority of organisations look at humans as resource (HR) who will accomplish some tasks based on the strategy, past experience, project needs, knowledge, information, skills and a half-baked vision (which seldom sees the light of day anyhow) and all of this within fixed parameters and boundaries that mostly allow for compliance as a ‘resource’. The results are ordinary, playing catch up, code reds, disgruntled customers, incremental progress, managing chaos, escalations that could have been addressed easily at the grass root level, and rewards and recognition that are perhaps not even required.

At the end of it you are happy to receive a pay-check not for what you are worth, but only for being a resource.

It is no surprise then that businesses are struggling to grow at the rate that is possible and expected. Businesses are also falling short in terms of innovation and yield, therefore slowing down or dying in the face of competition and volatility.

The game is very different if you and your Organisation believe you are an instrument. The most astonishing instrument with several parts which can be used to garner astonishing results.

“What will happen if you visualize that you are an instrument?”

Firstly, it creates an immensity which is hard to match. You could start exploring the endless ways one can optimize the use of all the parts available to us – Soul, Mind, Voice and Body. Each of these parts in themselves are a power house capable of creating beyond the realms of ordinary imagination.

 Astonishing fact- Most humans have little or no knowledge about the capability and power of the Soul, Mind, Voice and Body capable of creating a magnificent environment of superior possibilities with little effort.

Power of the soul: When you open yourself to higher consciousness then the decisions are based on intuition and not just random gut feel or cognitive ability informed by past memories, experiences, biases or limited information. Higher consciousness creates vibrations that enable humans to tune in to others and external events at a much greater degree, which enables firmness of thoughts, actions and response from a place of courage, compassion and commitment

Heightened consciousness has the potential to garner extraordinary results in scenarios such as critical business meetings, influencing key stakeholders, buyer engagement, inspiring teams to commit to challenges, impacting investors, and what have you.

Power of Mind: I learned early that to be a ‘Thinker’ is far more effective in producing superior opportunities and results, than merely possessing a high IQ. There are two aspects- Mind and Brain. Stillness of the mind is when we experience inner silence while the brain keeps ticking. It is this silence which makes the space for superior thinking.

Whole Brain thinking focuses on showing people how to use their whole brain—not just the parts with which they feel most comfortable. It acknowledges that different tasks require different mental processes and organizations will get better results when they can strategically leverage the full spectrum of thinking available.(Neethlin Whole Brain Thinking)

Power of Voice: While speaking is how you use words, voice is the sound that you create. Your voice in itself is a tool which can impress the listener and establish who you are and what you stand for. Your voice can make or break your message and is potentially a game changer.

                       i.        Tonality is the emotions behind the voice. Think about how friendly

                               do you sound?

                     ii.        Inflection (pitch) is the volume you use while speaking. You could be

                               very loud or too soft. Speak softly when you want others to pay

                              attention to an important point. Varying the pitch adds to impact and

                              sounds impressive.

Power of Body: Listening to your body gives you insight. From a creativity perspective, our soul chooses the body for a human experience. How we take care and nurture our body shapes our thinking, sustainability and resilience. How we use our body to send powerful messages and create positive perceptions determines how others respond to you and get impacted.

Your body is the vehicle you use to create the physical experience of your time on earth and how grounded you remain. The strides you take, the permanent impressions on your face, the expressions, gestures and posture all contribute to how you affect people and the environment.

Have you leveraged your Soul, Mind, Voice and Body to sell, build relationships, influence, drive results and inspire global teams?


Dr. Deep Bali, Managing Partner, Recalibrate Pvt. Ltd.  

Deep is a Columbia University certified coach, and is acknowledged by business leaders and CEOs across geographies for his super ability to enable leaders, teams and businesses to “Pivot”.

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