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that supports organizations to make their leaders and employees pivots
for significant business success
We are a Coaching company
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The Columbia Approach
World Class Executive Coaching
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Leverage “Whole Brain” to peak perform, Strategize & communicate w/ stakeholders.

International NBI Online Practitioner Certification
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A trademarked program by Dr. Deep Bali for managers to develop a coaching muscle during these times of crisis

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NBI practitioners program is a Whole Brain certification and training course aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI®. 

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Alchemists (Who we are)

  • Global business experience
  • Leadership roles in different business settings and industries
  • Bring richness in learning via blend of eastern and western cultures
  • Practitioners, thinkers, academicians
  • Ivy League education and experience

Praxis (Way We Work)

  • Frameworks informed by diverse experiences, research and relevance
  • Models based on practical experience, reflection, research and results
  • Methodologies emphasize engaging, executing, experimenting and renewing
  • Tools reflect best-in-class global standards and refined to support local culture

Clients (We Work With)

  • MNCs, Global Conglomerates, Large Enterprises, SMEs and Start-ups
  • BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Management Consulting and Media
  • C-Suite, Founders, Executive Leadership and Middle Management

What our clients say?


Dr. Deep Bali

Chairman and Co-Founder

C-suite Coach I Whole Brain Leadership Evangelist I Life Coach I Executive Coach I Author I Speaker

Puja Brahmasmi

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Business Leader, Visionary Entrepreneur, Columbia Univ. Executive Coach (ACI) and Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner (NBI)

Dr. Kobus Neethling


Inventor of NBI(Neethling Brain Instrument) and Award-winning leader in the space of Whole Brain Thinking and Creative Behaviour

Rashmi Singh

Partner  | Business Growth – Whole Brain Thinking & Coaching Institute

Dr. Rache Rutherford

Partner and Whole Brain Thinking and Beyonder Expert Coach and Faculty


Partner and Whole Brain Thinking and Beyonder Expert Coach and Faculty

Rajiv Kapahi


Evangelist, Business Strategy  & Commercial Intelligence, Transformation & Turnaround expert


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