Recalibrate is delighted to partner with Boma Globalto contribute and offer exclusive ‘Boma Institute’ “Immersive leadership programs” focused on sustainable, courageous & ethical leadership. These transformational learning experiences prepare leaders for the rapidly changing future by helping them develop 6 key capability areas. The 6 key capability areas are : Courage, Curiosity, Integrity, Foresight, Inclusivity and Growth mindset

Announcing the partnership, Lara Stein, founder of Boma & ex-founder of TEDx at the TED conferences, said: “Our Boma Institute is building a global network of local partners who are working with corporates to enable them to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We are partnering with various companies to build an ethical, inclusive, sustainable future and drive both local & global impact. India is a key market in our Boma Institute launch. We are thrilled to be partnering with Recalibrate to bring the Boma Institute to India.”

Dr.Deep Bali, founder of Recalibrate, said: “This partnership is an extension of who we are. Our body of work includes ‘Whole Brain Leadership which is beyond ordinary & coaching professionals for inner mastery & outer impact’. We believe our association with Lara Stein and team of Boma Global will segue into mass influence thus create significant outcomes in solving real-world challenges”

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