Recalibrate Announces Exclusive Partnership with Kobus Neethling Institute

PRETORIA, South Africa and Delhi (NCR), India

3rd January’ 2019

Recalibrate, an international coaching, innovation mentoring, leadership and organization development consulting company, has been selected as an exclusive partner by Kobus Neethling Institute of South Africa to deliver the entire suite of ‘BEYONDER,’ Dr.  Kobus Neethling’s niche creativity program based on whole brain thinking.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Kobus Neethling said, “ We are proud to be associated with Recalibrate in India to roll-out the Beyonder programs across the Indian subcontinent. The amazing team of Recalibrate with their combined experience and expertise in this field, combined with our Beyonder Training programs is a magnificent way for  organizations in India to embark on a remarkable journey of Leadership growth and development. Their passion for developing organizations through their training in Leadership and Innovation resonate with our own offerings.”

Dr. Deep Bali also shared his viewsFor us to partner with likes of Kobus Neethling Institute and Solutions Finding, South Africa is really a no brainer. Dr. Kobus Neethling and his team are pioneers in ‘Whole Brain thinking’ and “Beyonder creativity”. This partnership also ties in well with our foundations and practice in the world’s most sought-after coaching program i.e. ‘Columbia University’. Columbia coaching program endorses Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) and is mandatory for coaches to understand their ‘Brain preferences’. In addition, Recalibrate is amongst the top coaching and innovation mentoring organization in this part of the world, therefore to partner with the best in the business of creativity and whole brain thinking makes for a perfect Magic potion.

Dr. Kobus Neethling developed the Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) for highly accurate brain profiling which forms the basis for training in whole brain and creative thinking. The Beyonder concept, developed by Prof. Paul Torrance (also known as Mr. Creativity), was advanced by Dr. Kobus Neethling into the Beyonder Training Programs – a very powerful, unique and much sought-after development journey for “driven” organizations with ambitious goals.

The Beyonder Programs, incorporating the NBI Assessments, address the challenges of personal and / or organizational performance through a range of tools to assist people in reaching their top potential.

It elevates individuals from ordinary to ‘Beyondness’ and then introduces them to a ‘BEYONDER ROADMAP,’ which is designed to help them sustain this extraordinary journey for years to come. The Beyonder Program gives leaders an opportunity to put a finger on where their organization is ‘ORDINARY.’ A ‘BEYONDER’ organization will lead the way in innovation, creativity, attract superior talent, high employee engagement and remarkable customer experience.

Pretoria-based Kobus Neethling Institute was founded by award-winning and internationally-renowned Dr. Kobus Neethling known for his work in the field of whole brain thinking and creative behavior.  Dr. Neethling, who has been featured in over 80 books and nine television series, has become a go-to-expert for companies, educators, leaders and individuals for guidance on how to maximize potential through the optimization of the entire brain

The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®), Dr Neethling’s brainchild, enables highly-accurate brain profiling, which forms the basis for training the whole brain and creative thinking.  The NBI™ Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of neuroscience- based psychological assessments. Based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology, the assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential. Some companies that have used NBI include Levi Strauss, Deloitte Touche, Shell, Standard Bank, Dassault Systèmes, Publicis.Sapient, and Hero MotoCorp.

Recalibrate plans to take NBI to corporates and schools and revolutionize the way one can perceive this world and develop Whole-Brain thinking in individuals and teams.

Additionally, Recalibrate will also provide NBI practitioner training which is a critical essential for executive coaches because by understanding their own brain preferences they can communicate and take themselves and clients beyond current levels of thinking. NBI practitioners program is a Whole Brain certification and training course aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI®

To learn more about ‘Beyonder’ visit; NBI assessment for corporates go to; NBI assessment for schools go to and for NBI practitioner program.

About Recalibrate

Recalibrate is an agile coaching, innovation mentoring and organization development consulting company that supports in pivoting  organizations through their people, sales, and innovation engines, powered by AI and analytics based technology platforms. Recalibrate ‘Alchemists’ are practitioners, thinkers, academicians with global business experience in leadership roles in different business settings and industries. They use the latest technology and methodologies in neuroscience and whole brain thinking-based learning cycles. Recalibrate’s clients include MNCs, global conglomerates, Large Enterprises, SMEs and Start-ups in the BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Management Consulting and Media industries.

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