NBI International Online Practitioner Certification


In the past 20 years Neethling Brain Instrument(NBI), one of the most acknowledged tool for its accuracy and simplicity, is available for assessing “Brain Preferences” in Adults and leveraging insights for “Creativity” and Innovation” in all areas of business and personal life.

The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®)  is a revolutionary battery of thinking styles instruments that strive to develop Whole-Brain thinking in individuals. These tools help you understand your own thinking preferences, provide clarity on predominantly used dimensions of the brain, and help structure thought patterns and appropriate communication strategy.

The NBI suite of assessments was developed after almost 30 years of extensive international research on left and right-brain functions. The instruments were developed by Dr. Kobus Neethling, under the research guidance of Professor Paul Torrance; known as one of the fathers of creativity. 

Some Facts

Overview of the online course

  • NBI was invented by Dr. Kobus Neethling under the guidance of Prof. Paul Torrance; one of the fathers of creativity and known as “Mr. Creativity” of the 20th Century.
  • Forbes Coaches Council has included NBI Assessment as one of the 11 Assessments that every Executive should take. Read more
  • Preferred assessment tool of Columbia University, NYC for their coaching and Organization development program.
  • Companies that have leveraged the power of NBI: Levi Strauss, Deloitte, Shell, Standard Bank, Dassault Systemes, Publicis Sapient, Hero Motocorp.
  • Suitable for Executive coaches, HR leaders, L&D leaders, OD consultants/Trainers, Recruiters, Sports Coaches, Professors, and Teachers
Kobus Neethling has taken whole-brain research way beyond the paradigms of the past. I know of no one else who has taken whole-brain thinking to these levels” ​
Prof Paul Torrance​
“Mr. Creativity” of the 20th Century​

NBI practitioners program is a Whole Brain certification and training course aimed at equipping people to become practitioners of the NBI®. The hands-on course provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills, and techniques for applying the NBI® to individuals, groups, teams, and classrooms, and to give guidance to adults and children. The practitioner program provides practitioners a better understanding of thinking preferences, the brain quadrants, and 8 dimensions of the brain to help them administer the various profile instruments.

What will you learn in the online course 

  • Module 1: Left and Right Brain Findings
  • Module 2: The 4 Quadrant brain
  • Module 3: The 8-Dimensional brain
  • Module 4: Your NBI Profile at Work 
  • Module 5: Communication
  • Module 6: NBI Profile in Your Practice

Some of the environments in which you will be able to apply the Neethling Brain Instruments: Leadership, Decision Making, Communication, Sales, Team Working, Business strategy, Relationships, Creativity and innovation, Education and career

How can you benefit

HR leaders and Training heads

  • To deploy NBI for executive leadership, Line managers and teams to make them effective and cohesive
  • Drive “Creativity” and “Innovation” using “Whole-brain thinking”
  • Job profiling and Skill gap assessment
  • Assess negativity in the organization
  • Succession planning

Executive Coaches and Individual Consultants

  • A formidable tool to increase your coaching & training effectiveness quotient by 10x
  • Insights through understanding your brain preferences will bring more depth to coaching  and consulting practice
  • Enabling clients to develop whole brain thinking and drive remarkable results for teams and organization
  • Develop powerful communication skills using “Whole-brain” communication to influence and inspire customers

Some of the instruments you would be licensed to use

  • NBI adult profile with the 8-dimensional profile 
  • NBI leadership profile
  • NBI creativity profile
  • NBI learning profile
  • NBI skills profile and NBI job profile
  • NBI teacher/trainer profile with the 8-dimensional profile
  • NBI junior and senior student profile
  • NBI young child indicator
  • NBI parenting profile
  • NBI sport profiles for eg. Rugby, rugby referee, soccer, tennis & golf


Online Certification Process

To become an NBI certified practitioner, an individual has to go through a 3-step process:

  1. Step 1: Undergo your own NBI Self-Assessment Profile (Within the learning module) & attend 1 live 45 mins session (Individual Debrief) on your own assessment report with  the Master Coach  
  2. Step 2: Complete the self-paced online virtual training comprising 6 modules.
  3. Step 3 : Write 3 reports as part of your certification process and get it verified from the master coach.
$ 750 (INR 55,000 + Plus 18% GST)
  • Included in the cost:
  • 10 Free NBI profiles
  • Practitioners manual soft copy and research
  • Course material