Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) Assessment for Schools

The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) is a revolutionary battery of thinking styles instruments that strive to develop Whole-Brain thinking in individuals. These tools help you understand your own thinking preferences, provides clarity on predominantly used dimensions of the brain and help structure thought patterns and appropriate communication strategy.

The NBI™ (Neethling Brain Instruments) suite of assessments was developed after almost 30 years of extensive international research on left and right-brain functions. The instruments were developed by Kobus Neethling, under the research guidance of Professor Paul Torrance of the University of Georgia.

The NBI™ Thinking Preference Assessments are a powerful suite of neuroscience- based psychological assessments. Based on modern insights from the fields of neuroscience, creativity and psychology, the assessments help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations unlock their full potential. The NBI™ framework provides insights into left hemisphere (local processing), right hemisphere (global processing), cognitive and affective types of thinking. Such insights can lead to enhancement in the areas of social-emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, leadership, communication, team performance, presentations, conflict resolution and more.

What are the benefits for children and teenagers?

  • They get a good understanding of how they prefer to think
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Make the right subject choices
  • Become creative thinkers
  • Study according to their thinking preferences
  • Deal more effectively with stress,  difficult situations and expectations (for teenagers)
  • Develop successful study methods (for teenagers) 
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills so as to succeed in 21st century(for teenagers)

What are the benefits of the NBI for parents and teachers ?

  • Give the child the ultimate edge in coping with the world
  • Give you the unique insights into the child’s thinking preferences 
  • Enable you to understand why and how one child differs from another in the way they communicate, play and learn
  • Enable you to create an ideal environment for the child
  • Facilitate whole brain creativity in doing and thinking
  • Enable you to fill gaps at an early stage 

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Client Stories

Principal, Pretoria

I see the Kobus Neethling Whole Brain Instruments and the Whole Brain Training Programmes as the most major contributor to creating and fostering a new culture of learning – its a major tool to assist in understanding , appreciating and applying 21st century parenting, learning, teaching and training

Owner, Reading Center

“This course was a life-changing experience! I can’t wait to begin – this new knowledge is going to make an enormous difference in my life and all my relationships. Wow – the trainers were excellent – a true inspiration, thanks!”

Career Counsellor

Insightful, inspirational and interesting. Thank you for giving me fresh eyes to look at students, people, to understand them and to add value to my personal and professional relationships.

Schools and Parents Instruments

  1. NBI Teacher – A special version of the adult instrument. The focus is on your thinking
  2. NBI Senior/Junior Student– dealing effectively with difficult situations & expectations; right subject & career choices
  3. NBI Young Child Indicator– how to make decisions, communicate and socialize

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By understanding your own personal thinking preferences, you can be a whole brain parent or teacher, and you can apply your knowledge to the child’s environment, contributing to a happy, well functioning and creative child.