Executive Coaching

Listen to my experience. Learn from my triumphs and mistakes. Value my advice and judgement

Compare to

Look into your own experience. Learn your own lessons. Build your own wisdom

– David Clutterbuck (CIPD 1985)

We have realized and acknowledged the true power and potential of coaching. It’s a way to perform in the CHAOS©* world and spurs leaders into action. Coaching is the practice of supporting leaders in accelerating progress and creating significant results for themselves and their teams. We have not only kept pace with the evolution of coaching, but contribute through sharing thought leadership articles, free knowledge sharing webinars, and masterclasses informed from over 15 years of experience in coaching leaders of fortune 500 companies and large local organizations.

*CHAOS: Competitive, Highly Advanced, Opportunities, Speed

Our coaches are experts in coaching across the following categories:

Our Manager – A coach and Pivot Program

Why coaching with our coaches:

Our Coaches:

  • Underpinning is advanced degrees in business or behavioral science. Most of our coaches are Columbia credentialed professional coaches
  • Are acknowledged for their business acumen, gravitas, global perspective, cultural awareness, multiple perspectives, creativity and knowledge
  • Mostly bring to the table between 5- 15 years (500- 10000 hrs) of coaching experience
  • Executive credibility and authenticity
  • Have over 20 years of work experience in the business and professional arena
  • Follow strict “Guiding principles”
  • Have a high level of awareness of their thinking preferences

Our Coaches have worked with senior leaders in the following industries

  • High technology
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Education
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Automotive

Our coaches have an extremely superior level of self-awareness on their:

  • Thinking styles (Whole Brain thinking NBI)
  • Learning styles (LSI )
  • Emotional competency (ECI)
  • Entrepreneurial capability (Saville Entrecode)
  • Culture orientation with different cultures and countries (CWQ)

Case Studies 

Global Investment Management Bank

Situation : Our client, a leading global financial services company that provides its customers investment banking, private banking and asset management services worldwide, identified a set of 30 remarkable leaders from a group of high potentials. These leaders were expected to impact regional and global stakeholders by ………..

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Large Technology MNC

Situation : A Large technology and digital media multinational client headquartered in the U.S was being acquired by one of the largest media groups in the world, therefore decided to get the next generation leaders ready to lead India, scale up and provide strategic direction to the overall vision and mission of the company. There was………..

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What our clients say

Director of Projects, Citi Bank

As a result of my coaching journey with Deep, I am certainly more focused on delivering results, transformational change in managing relationships and engaging different types and kinds of people. More authentic – driven not by what others will think but more based on my own judgement and feelings. Overall increased confidence levels I have a better appreciation of what drives people. Has made be a better team player and I have gained more respect among peers and this has led to increased co-operation Improved time management and a healthy focus on strengths (good and constant reminders about the things that have worked well) which has contributed to being more effective. Deep is very structured in his approach and willing to be firm when required to meet deadlines…appropriate amount of push to progress the engagement at a fast pace without feeling rushed. Deep has an ability to bring out both “the best to be leveraged” and “development areas to be addressed”

VP Engineering, Publicis Sapient (Global Markets)

Dr. Deep has helped me grow significantly both in person and professional life. In a few conversations, with his easy going style, he was able to motivate me to introspect, identify areas of improvement, and gave me a number of techniques to practice and master. He readily mixes coaching as needed with mentoring, and is an expert coach. I find it really a humbling experience to learn from Dr. Deep and look forward to working with him in future

Director Change and Organizational Development, Global Giant in the Brewery Industry, London

The interesting thing is that I felt it was a good session at the time but didn’t quite realize just how impactful it was. In fact the more I watch the video, the more I get out of it, which says a lot. What stands out besides your unique style, strong presence and excellent pace is that you got to the core issues in 20 mins and spurred me to take action. I get the sense that it would take most coaches at least a few sessions to get there if they get there at all. Which links to our shared view about pace and ease i.e. that a good coach helps you get there with greater speed and less painfully. Finally on the words you used, if I am being totally honest with myself, they are at the very core of the issue so good call. Thank you for doing such a great job with coaching me and thank you for sending the recording through as it triggered multiple other learnings and perspectives.