Coaching Case study – Large Technology MNC

Large Technology MNC

Situation : A Large technology and digital media multinational client headquartered in the U.S was being acquired by one of the largest media groups in the world, therefore decided to get the next generation leaders ready to lead India, scale up and provide strategic direction to the overall vision and mission of the company. There was perceived lack of empowerment, lack of trust, and cohesiveness within the fairly tenured top tier. Client was marred with groups within groups who were working for their individual groups and not really for the mothership. The environment was highly political and counter-productive to the scale and growth which was expected out of India. 

Outcome expected : Through their talent summit, the client identified 18 high potentials as their next level of leaders to go on a transformation journey in preparation for the ‘Pivot.’ The client identified four key themes for developing the leaders – Executive Presence, Leading with Coaching, Business Strategy and Inspirational Leadership.

Action : We worked with 6 coachees for 12 sessions per coachee over a 12 month journey. We also designed, developed and delivered the four capability development workshops and anchored the learning in the coaching sessions. The coaching included feedback from key global stakeholders to get a baseline and align to the aspirations of individual coachees.

Result : Four of our six coachees transitioned to larger roles i.e., Directors to VP’s. The group demonstrated greater sensitivity towards the larger population and leaders became champions of coaching which reflected on the organization health survey – impact on CSAT, ESAT, attrition, gender diversity and engagement. The top tier within the group became cohesive and drove India level initiatives for innovation, business strategy and people.

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