Client Testimonials

Whole Brain Thinking and Beyonder Creativity

It was not long after implementing Beyonder program when we started to experience positive results on many fronts. Our salespeople were able to communicate remarkably better with our clients; we all understood the needs of our clients so much clearer and the ability to use our 4 and 8-dimensional thinking in problem solving changed everything for us. Six months after implementing the Beyonder programme and applying the instruments our profits rose by 54 percent

Regional Manager, A large FMCG

Whole Brain thinking and Beyonder program did not only increase our ability to think and do creatively but had a positive effect on relationships, customer care and the general climate in our company. It opens up the mind in a way that no other training does. It is not something that disappears

Senior leader,, A large manufacturing company

I feel more empowered to influence and land with impact in my conversations with key stakeholders leveraging whole brain thinking tools

VP, Business transformation team,, Dassault systemes

Thank you for this great session on “Whole brain”. Interesting conversations and insights throughout the session. I am hoping to put these learnings into action during my next business strategy conversation

General Manager, One of the largest OEM

I know I have been missing something and today I figured what it is. I know how to leverage the whole brain for leadership, relationships and business strategy. I would consciously push and be in that space

Head of Training & Development, GMR

CEO Coaching

Over the last seven months, Dr Deep Bali has worked closely with me as my Executive Coach. The coaching experience has been truly very enriching for me. He conveys a very strong sense of positivity, understanding and compassion along with a firm time bound action plan oriented approach. Throughout the coaching assignment he ensured that I remained committed to deliver upon my action plans. The unique factor that truly was a game changer was his ability to make me change my perception and the way I took things or situations for granted, thereby completely dismantling my pre-conceived mental roadblocks. I felt a great sense of comfort dealing with Dr Bali and cannot thank him enough for all his coaching to me.

Director, F&A, Citi Corp

I have had the pleasure of working with Deep for several months and have found him to be a perfect match for me at this time in my career. I engaged Deep as a “life coach” to address many issues and challenges that I have been experiencing and Deep was able to help me map out a solution, or series of solutions, using tools, exercises, and sessions in a relatively short period of time. His understanding of and passion for his subject matter is impeccable, and his vast experience in working with other business leaders very relevant to working with me. He also has demonstrated a high level of personal commitment to me, which makes the process that much more engaging and effective. I have been fortunate to see both quantitative and qualitative improvements in various areas of my life that we have chosen to focus on in recent months, and look forward to even better results. Today, I feel I have the tools to achieve many of my goals. I would recommend Deep to any serious professional who is looking to make substantial changes in his or her life

Ceo/Chairman, Cityzenith, USA

Executive Coaching

We’ve worked with Recalibrate on multiple modules on topics like negotiation, networking and communication focused mainly on AVP and VP-level leaders. What stood out with Recalibrate was the prior experience its partners have with delivery and working with international clients. Recalibrate coaches were able to contextualise seemlesly if they were speaking to someone from a different culture.

When you look at leadership and behavioural skills, it’s not about telling the person here’s a brand new way of doing things, it’s about helping people see things from a different perspective, helping people reflect on their own style – and that has been a strong point for Recalibrate.

A lot of people here at my organization are experienced. For them, it’s really valuable if someone can help them see a different way of doing things especially after they have had 20 to 25 years of experience. People really want to learn how to do their jobs better. There is a finesse in being able to show that to people without actually telling them but helping them see it through reflection. For me the biggest takeaway was that even very experienced people still have this child-like curiosity and giving them access to the right people can go a long way.

L&D Head, Large Global Technnology Company

Coaching sessions have been really awesome from whatever I have observed in my directs in the last few months. The tripartite sessions I was part of in the last few days were very helpful for me. You guys (the coaches) have really shaken up people. All my directs have great reviews about how happy they are with the coaches, the time they have spent and the perspectives they heard from them which were outside of our organisation. All these folks have reached a place of high realisation and awareness with the help of coaches and now it’s up to them how they will take this ahead.

Director, Global Wealth Management Bank

I had a wonderful coaching experience with Deep for last few months. The best part of the coaching is the powerful set of questions that Deep asks which makes us think deeply than we normally would for a situation.
Deep helped me in understanding the new team and domain and in clearly setting the objectives for my new role and supported with good set of tools. He also helped me in defining and measuring the parameters that helped me to be more aligned with defined objectives/goals. Deep has helped me fill the gaps that I had in my execution as well as behavioural skills that has made me more successful and a better professional. He coached me on how to constantly co-ordinate with all the stake holders and build consensus on actions. Thank you Deep for your coaching that I am sure will go long way in not only making me a better professional but also a better person. I strongly recommend Deep for professional coaching for all the leaders who are looking to take on higher roles and responsibilities in their life.

Director, Dassault Systems

Puja was my coach through an executive training for about 3 months. The training that she and Deep delivered has been the best I have experienced so far. Puja particularly has been a phenomenal coach, who could easily cut through a lot of data on my psychometric assessments, analysing me through observations and several questions that she asked, to understand me. She could get to the root of the problem and reveal that to me. Not just that, she could even get me to exactly spell out what I need to change in myself. No lecturing, on how to behave, at all. Plain and simple methods to convince. Despite the training being over she takes personal interest in my growth and keeps sincerely convincing me to adopt new habits for a better professional myself. Phenomenal. Rare to meet such professionals.
Many thanks to Puja for her coaching throughout and for the intense and personalized interest she took to understand my developmental needs, while analyzing but cutting through the clutter of the data. It has been quite valuable and I will remember this journey. I will be missing the coaching going forward.

Vice President , Global Wealth Management Bank

Deep coached me for transitioning into a new role, job and a new company. Deep is an excellent life coach and uses Neuroscience technique and whole brain thinking underpinned by neurolinguistic programming, this helps you discover your true potential. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and talented. His ability to understand complex business issues, people and process issues is outstanding. His focus on developing executive talent keeping in mind matrixed organisational structure and challenging client needs is commendable. He is very patient with his mentees at the same time keeps driving them towards defining and achieving career goals.

Vice President, HCL Technologies

True to its name, what started as an executive coaching assignment for leadership training, stakeholder management, negotiation skills very quickly transformed into recalibrating my view of the myself. Puja helped clear the fog by asking powerful questions which made me introspect. Puja peeled the onion and decluttered the data to help me reach simple and clear messages which turned into time-bound action plans with clear objectives and outcomes. Post 16 years of being in the rat race, it was the first time that working with a Life Coach I decided to think about the journey ahead and what makes me happy. Puja was an extremely good listener and helped remove a number of pre-conceived myths/notions I had. I am currently on the journey of self-discovery armed with a better understanding of the path ahead and the mental roadblocks.

Director, Global Wealth Management Bank

As a result of my coaching journey with Deep, I am certainly more focused on delivering results, transformational change in managing relationships and engaging different types and kinds of people. More authentic – driven not by what others will think but more based on my own judgement and feelings. Overall increased confidence levels I have a better appreciation of what drives people. Has made be a better team player and I have gained more respect among peers and this has led to increased co-operation Improved time management and a healthy focus on strengths (good and constant reminders about the things that have worked well) which has contributed to being more effective. Deep is very structured in his approach and willing to be firm when required to meet deadlines…appropriate amount of push to progress the engagement at a fast pace without feeling rushed. Deep has an ability to bring out both “the best to be leveraged” and “development areas to be addressed”

Director of Projects, Citi Bank

Dr. Deep has helped me grow significantly both in person and professional life. In a few conversations, with his easy going style, he was able to motivate me to introspect, identify areas of improvement, and gave me a number of techniques to practice and master. He readily mixes coaching as needed with mentoring, and is an expert coach. I find it really a humbling experience to learn from Dr. Deep and look forward to working with him in future

VP Engineering, Publicis Sapient (Global Markets)

The interesting thing is that I felt it was a good session at the time but didn’t quite realize just how impactful it was. In fact the more I watch the video, the more I get out of it, which says a lot. What stands out besides Deep’s unique style, strong presence and excellent pace is that you got to the core issues in 20 mins and spurred me to take action. I get the sense that it would take most coaches at least a few sessions to get there if they get there at all. Which links to our shared view about pace and ease i.e. that a good coach helps you get there with greater speed and less painfully. Finally on the words you used, if I am being totally honest with myself, they are at the very core of the issue so good call. Thank you for doing such a great job with coaching me and thank you for sending the recording through as it triggered multiple other learnings and perspectives.

Director Change and Organizational Development, Global Giant in the Brewery Industry, London

One thing that really shone was Puja’s authenticity as a person, a leader and a coach. She believed in herself, in others, in her environment. Consequently, she was able to inspire trust from others around her. Her ability to deeply connect with people makes her a very effective coach. I would go to her again, and again, if I ever want a great sounding board or a coach who can show me the light from within me.

Vice President, Publicis.Sapient

I participated in a 2 day Impact Leadership Program by Deep in April 2015 and that was the best thing I did last year. My journey both as a professional and as a person has been phenomenal and I feel transformed. Deep made me use all the tools at my disposal – my voice both pitch and tonality, body language and inner resources . The focus was on improving my entire persona and how I came across as a confident professional. The good part of the training were the check points along the executive coaching journey with Deep for the following few months, which gave me a great platform to discuss and monitor progress and course correct as needed. He made me put together a solid action plan that I monitor and have already seen visible results.

SVP, Global Logic

It has been a wonderful journey which has benefited me immensely. I would like to thank Puja for guiding me on this path and hope to continue this enthralling journey. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again in near future

Vice President , Global Wealth Management Bank

We attended a 2 day workshop with Dr Deep Bali and I must say… the workshop was very thorough from a sales and relationship perspective. The insights you shared are based on practical industry experience which enables us to practice and implement the learning in actual client facing situations. The best part of the workshop were the role play we captured that helped us to identify the improvement areas in way we deal with people, at the same time, enhance what we do best. I will strongly recommend your workshop to all Sales and Business professionals who want to ‘sharpen the saw’ and excel to greater heights in what they do.

Global Business Relationship Manager, Tata Consultancy

The word “Coach” aptly describes Deep! The Structures of delivery of his program to his style, is a true reflection of his work as an executive coach and mentor. He has changed the lives of many an individual, both on the professional front and personally. One can pick up small, but important pieces even on a phone conversation and his commitment is 100%. I would certainly encourage any firm to engage him for his services to train and coach their executive and Sr, Level personnel. He Certainly helped me

Director Operations, Jones Lang Lasalle

Deep is an extremely good executive coach, he has the rare capability of making you see the reality in myriad ways and help you discover ways to fulfill your potential and uncover new possibilities previously unexplored.

Director, L&D, Vodafone Corporate

Dr Bali first attended an Executive coach training I ran in Delhi in 2006. Since that time Deep has shown real passion, skill and commitment to releasing his potential and talent as a consultant, coach and trainer. He has shown great commitment and loyalty in supporting our International Certificate in Executive and Corporate coaching. I strongly recommend Deep as a man of high integrity and trustworthiness and an asset to the development of business management and leadership

International Master Coach, UK

Puja was assigned as my mentor/coach at Sapient, I had no idea on what it meant at that point in time. I still remember when I first walked into her room for my first ever connect as Coach-Coachee’, I was clueless on what and how to ask. That’s when her art of ‘what she is best at’ made me comfortable in just few minutes and we had no stopping to that journey. She helped me in several ways, one of the key examples of where I struggled was my inclination to please everyone around and being hesitant in taking tough decisions; she figured out how to shape me on this and several other aspects which a Leader requires and made me a better leader. Today after spending 8 months of this beautiful relationship, I just can’t thank her enough. She is an ideal coach and inspirational in all ways.

Director, Publicis Sapient (Sapient Consulting)

I have been through many Leadership and Coaching sessions in past but interaction with Dr Deep was something extra-ordinary. Although its difficult to explain in words and one has to experience it, still I believe worth the experience which was game changing for me. I was certainly not in best of my capability and mental state due to major project turmoil, in fact was getting completely worked up in managing the situation, and there happened to be coaching sessions with Dr Deep. At first Dr Deep’s persona itself calms down your anxieties, shared real feelings and realized during the discussions that solutions also exist within myself, its just that we keep on ignoring those. Actually that’s what happens when you meditate, so in short interaction with Dr Deep is like Professional Meditation i.e. calms you down, think correctly and find your solution within yourself. One has to experience the coaching to understand what i am saying.

VP Delivery, Global Logic

I had never experienced formal coaching in the 11 years of my career, and I began my coaching with Puja on a whim. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my professional life. Puja’s coaching style is very inspiring. She helps you discover yourself and guides you to find your own answers. She opened my mind to a lot of positive elements and helped me overcome a lot of inhibitions. I am very thankful for the positivity she brought to my life and would highly recommend you have a chat with her.You’ll then definitely want a coaching session after that first discussion!

Senior Manager, Publicis Sapient

I worked with Deep on my leadership journey starting in 2015 for about a year. He took very genuine interest in my growth roadmap that we created after going through a great deal of conversations and his commitment and efforts to my success was an inspiration and driver for me also to put in efforts from my side in my own development. He is almost always available for any discussions or as a sounding board whenever needed. He worked in a very collaborative environment bringing in many tools and techniques that helped me in different situations. His deep coaching experience is clearly visible in the type of probing and reflective questions he asked when I was struggling to see the things clearly many times. Overall this has been a great journey of self-awareness for me and there is a lot that I have learned from Deep.

VP, Engineering at Publicis Sapient

My coaching journey with Puja has been thoroughly fulfilling and has enriched me with insights, perspectives and approaches that are practical, implementable and yield immediate results. I have always looked forward to our conversations, which have been engaging, challenging but very effective all the same. Her authenticity and honesty as a coach stuck me at the very beginning and meant I could trust her with my world and trust her to help me change it.It has been a great journey

Director, Publicis Sapient (Sapient Consulting)