CEO Coaching

One cannot size up the behaviour of something as nuanced as leadership, yet the most fundamental and powerful way of making a deep and lasting impact is by achieving ‘Self Mastery’ and leveraging it to impact at a global level.

Coaching CEOs and Entrepreneurs to produce remarkable results

What makes some CEO’s and entrepreneurs really successful and some who struggle hard and success is ephemeral? This is the question that many CEO’s ask themselves.

These successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs seek the support of coaches who have the ability to challenge their beliefs and support them to wade through choppy waters, negotiate crevices and fly in open spaces with ease and remarkable success.


Significant deliverables


Reaching out to the deeper self, discovering dormant potential and become a rock solid cohesive leader

A surgical approach to discover personal and business’s true north

Creating impact and lasting impressions on investors, clients, employees and friends


Building Strategic relationships through networking using cutting edge tools and process

Making swift and remarkable decisions

Responding to adversity using heightened emotional intelligence and centeredness


External Impact:

Driving success, change and growth

Seizing commercial opportunities and outperforming competitors

Generating imaginative solutions and a long-term vision

CEO Coaches capability statement

  • Self mastery: Our CEO coaches have worked with themselves through years of inner work, reflections, feedback, formal assessments and conscious living
  • Business expertise: Our coaches bring to the table the experience of highly successful practitioners and business leaders in the global corporate arena
  • Body of work: Our coaches work with leaders across multiple geographies and industries. Some of the work includes application of neuroscience for achieving extraordinary Personal effectiveness & Business results, Pioneering leadership, Decisions through strategic insights, Advanced communication, Design thinking, sales strategy, Whole brain thinking

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Case Studies

CEO – Smart cities space- Turnover $20million (US)

A 21 month life coaching transformational assignment.

Macro level Goal: Defined the true purpose of the venture and mapping the coachee’s life for the following 10 years. Identified 7 areas of life and worked with each of them by candidly identifying the desired result in each. Enabled a work/life balance, leadership development, setting lofty 3 year goals and worked with several day to day business challenge

MD – Renewable energy and Communication Infrastructure, Turnover Rs 2000 Cr (India)

A 10 month transformational assignment. The organization was in a transitional period 

Macro level Goal: Creating a compass to take the company from a Rs 2000 crore outfit to Rs 5000 crores in 3 years. The coaching included- Leadership development (180 degree feedback), engaging the core senior members (reporting to the MD) and forming a cohesive team at the top level, communicating a shared vision, and work/life balance.


Client Stories

Director, F&A, Citi Corp

Over the last seven months, Dr Deep Bali has worked closely with me as my Executive Coach. The coaching experience has been truly very enriching for me. He conveys a very strong sense of positivity, understanding and compassion along with a firm time bound action plan oriented approach. Throughout the coaching assignment he ensured that I remained committed to deliver upon my action plans. The unique factor that truly was a game changer was his ability to make me change my perception and the way I took things or situations for granted, thereby completely dismantling my pre-conceived mental roadblocks. I felt a great sense of comfort dealing with Dr Bali and cannot thank him enough for all his coaching to me.

Ceo/Chairman, Cityzenith, USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Deep for several months and have found him to be a perfect match for me at this time in my career. I engaged Deep as a “life coach” to address many issues and challenges that I have been experiencing and Deep was able to help me map out a solution, or series of solutions, using tools, exercises, and sessions in a relatively short period of time. His understanding of and passion for his subject matter is impeccable, and his vast experience in working with other business leaders very relevant to working with me. He also has demonstrated a high level of personal commitment to me, which makes the process that much more engaging and effective. I have been fortunate to see both quantitative and qualitative improvements in various areas of my life that we have chosen to focus on in recent months, and look forward to even better results. Today, I feel I have the tools to achieve many of my goals. I would recommend Deep to any serious professional who is looking to make substantial changes in his or her life