Boma India – Courageous Leadership

Our global team has worked with leaders around the world to determine how we can best support leaders to shape their futures.

We focus across six key capability areas:

A 3-day intensive program focused on giving an overview of the forces fueling our future, and helping you immediately put this knowledge into practice. The 3-day program is followed by team coaching sessions to help you take action and ensure we help you remove your roadblocks.

Programme is available for in-house corporates as of now. 

What is Boma India’s Courageous Leadership program?

A programme which brings together key social, economic, technological and environmental trends, distilling them into digestible chunks—combining what you need to know with who you need to be to take clear, specific action in your leadership.

Who should attend?

If you are in a position of senior leadership…

If you are working to navigate your organisation through times of extreme change…

If you work in the areas of strategy, planning, culture, and innovation…

If you are actively seeking to drive change within your organisation…

Then this transformative learning experience is for you.

You’ll learn from a world-class faculty of local and global experts.

Your time and energy are precious and finite. You want to make every moment of both your professional and personal life matter. We need to tackle the critical question: “How can I achieve impact at scale and really make a difference, and how do I sustain that over time?”

The curriculum is crafted to consider not only the intellectual journey we want you to experience, but also how to enable tangible outcomes in your professional and personal lives.


What can you expect?

You’ll learn to understand, adapt and thrive in a future where change is no longer linear.